We refund
your vacation
if it rains.

Protect your travel and outdoor experiences with a weather guarantee.


What if rain tries to join the party? With WeatherPromise, if rain interrupts your beach time, you'll get an automatic refund.

Theme Park

Theme Park

When it’s not just the rides that give you chills, we'll refund your tickets so you can come again another day.

Campers & RVs

Campers & RVs

No one likes being stuck inside, but with WeatherPromise, at least you’ll have a refund in your pocket for every day it rains.

How it works
Book your trip

Book your trip

Book accommodation, flights, outdoor activities and events with one of our travel partners.
Buy a WeatherPromise

Buy a WeatherPromise

Protect your trip at least 1 week in advance.

We will automatically craft a personalized guarantee tailored to your trip or experience.

Get a refund

Get a refund

Enjoy your trip while we track the weather.

If the weather exceeds your guarantee, we refund your costs automatically.

Every weather guarantee is backed by Greenlight Re,
a global insurance company, publicly listed on NYSE.
Based on science.
We process over 40 million data points daily to protect your experiences.
Forecasts are not accurate.
That’s why we use actual weather data from your destination to offer you a better weather guarantee.
Then we monitor the weather with satellites, weather stations and radar. If the weather breaks our guarantee, we automatically refund your trip.
What our customers say
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“I’ve never seen anything like WeatherPromise. Unlike travel insurance, it protects my entire experience. I’ve already told people about it!”

About Us

Our mission: Give everyone the joy and freedom to travel the world and enjoy outdoor experiences without worrying about the weather.

Our team is global with offices in 🇩🇪 Germany and 🇺🇸 United States.

Weather Promise Team

We collect data from leading, trusted and independent worldwide networks, including NASA, NOAA, the German Weather Service, and many more.

We are hiring!

We are a small, experienced team working at the cross-section of travel and climate science.

Senior Software Engineer

You'll lead in crafting vital cloud-native systems and collaborating across teams and partners for robust infrastructure.

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